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We have a variety of flowers.

Our Logistics

We guarantee our products and may replace them after the corresponding claim.

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Our History

We are a family owned and operated company that started in 2010 in a small garage near the JFK airport and with a lot of work and loyalty from our customers we have grown to our current location in Long Island City. We are committed to our clients and to serving them with our best products all year round.

The CEO at the farm

Flowers from all over the world.
Our flowers come from Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, Chile, USA, Kenya and Costa Rica

Our Location

Martha Sanchez, CEO and Founder

Martha Sanchez has been in the flower business since 2005.


We are a leading flower wholesale supplier for all your needs. We provide different kind of flowers from local farms in the USA and international markets and farms from around the world.